Recovery Houses

Amethyst Recovery Housing

AMETHYST PLACE PROGRAM -- Amethyst Place provides women recovering from a substance use disorder—and their children—a place to continue their healing. The recovery housing includes 37 fully furnished private apartments, food and hygiene pantry, mobile medical and dental services, clothing closet, household coaching, direct financial assistance, 24/7 campus staffing and randomized drug/alcohol screens. The professional support also includes improving education and employment outcomes, promoting self-sufficiency, developing new parenting and independent living skills, and overcoming the impact of trauma.

Healing House

HEALING HOUSE INC. PROGRAM -- Healing House serves as one of the primary Room and Board providers in Jackson County for people recovering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Jackson County COMBAT will support residential services for 350 participants through two programs: 1) Supervised participants living at HH and attending the Swope Imani 28-day intensive inpatient program and 2) Both homeless female and male participants that have no outside funding available for supervised transitional living.

Kansas City Substance Use Disorder Services

HEARTLAND CENTER FOR BEHAVIORAL CHANGE PROGRAM -- Heartland Center for Behavioral Change offers Modified Medical Inpatient Detoxification services, certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and accredited by CARF. Heartland Center offers a client-centered approach to care with a focus on alleviating the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. The program goal is to engage the consumer in evidenced-based practices of continuing psych-social treatment services upon discharge from the detoxification episode.

Sheffield Place

SHEFFIELD PLACE PROGRAM -- Sheffield Place's mission is "to empower homeless mothers and their children to heal from their trauma and gain self‐sufficiency." Sheffield Place provides treatment services and supportive housing to homeless mothers and their children. The reason for family homelessness can be traced to the severe, chronic and continuous trauma the family has experienced. The mothers at Sheffield Place demonstrate the pervasive, negative effects of severe trauma. Like their mothers, the children bear deep emotional and often physical scars. These families have multiple barriers including addiction, mental health, violence and poverty issues. Services provided include individual therapy, therapy and educational groups, case management, employment assistance, recovery support and housing.

Sisters In Christ Recovery Houses

SISTERS IN CHRIST PROGRAM -- Sisters In Christ is a resource to women rebuilding their lives, identifying their purpose, and in need of support that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness after experiencing a substance-use disorder, mental health issues, incarceration, and / or homelessness. SIC recovery houses offer safe and stable housing for women referred by the judicial system or transitioning from substance abuse treatment and/or correctional facilities into the community. SIC housing also focuses on women with mental health issues. In SIC transitional housing, residents will rebuild and strengthen their lives, while working toward fulfilling the three primary objectives of the program: 1) Developing resiliency to substance abuse activity and involvement. 2) Re-establishing personal ownership and responsibility. 3) Developing skills and strategies for successful and long-term family and community reunification.

Welcome House Sober Living Recovery Program

WELCOME HOUSE, INC. PROGRAM -- The Welcome House Sober Living Recovery Program is a Level III Recovery Residence for men 21 or over with substance use disorder (SUD). The only entry requirement is a willingness to stay sober, with no regard for financial status or insurance coverage. Overseen by certified staff and a program director who is a Licensed Master Social Worker, the program provides critical residential stability and accountability in a substance-free environment for those in early recovery.

Listed By Agency


    These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded treatment programs that include recovery houses, sober-living facilities and other treatment facilities that provide residential care for clients.

    Amethyst Place, Inc.
    » Recovery Housing
    For women with Substance User Disorders and their children

    Healing House, Inc.
    » Healing House Recovery Houses
    Services for men and women

    Heartland Center for Behavioral Change
    » Kansas City Substance Use Disorder Services
    Offering inpatient detoxification care with ongoing treatment services 

    Sheffiled Place
    » Sheffield Place
    Services for homeless mothers and their children

    Sisters In Christ
    » Recovery Houses
    For women transitioning from substance abuse treatment and/or correctional facilties

    Welcome House, Inc.
    » Sober Living Recovery Program
    Sober-living facillity for men 21 and over