Partial Hospitalization Treatment

CMHS Substance Use Disorder Program

COMPREHENSIVE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, INC. PROGRAM -- The CMHS Substance Use Disorder program provides an array of high-quality services to assist those who otherwise cannot afford or access services in overcoming their addictions. The program achieves its purpose by providing residential substance use services, comprehensive day treatment, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), community-support services, and wrap-around services such as employment support, housing assistance, financial education, and health/well-being support. CMHS staff provide a critical resource for Jackson County community members who have nowhere else to turn for help and treatment.

Imani House (Swope Health Services)

SWOPE HEALTH SERVICES PROGRAM -- The Imani House Substance Abuse Treatment Program at SHS is an established and recognized community partner in combating drug abuse in Jackson County. Imani House is an adult substance use treatment program that has served over 10,000 individuals since 1992. The program provides evidence-based services within three levels of care. Program components are designed to address the wide range of problems impacting substance use; complex family relationships, legal, financial, trauma, employment, housing, mental health and chronic medical issues. These often trigger substance use and complicate recovery.

ReDiscover Coed, Women & Children's Treatment

ReDISCOVER PROGRAM -- The purpose of the Coed Treatment Services and Women and Children’s program is to reduce alcohol and/or drug use and reduce crime and violence among residents of Jackson County -- with particular focus on Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, southern Kansas City, Raytown and Grandview. This area includes just under one-third of the county's total population. ReDiscover serves all individuals in need of behavioral health services, including substance use and mental health services. However, this program focuses on individuals living in Jackson County who are involved with the family and criminal justice systems and need concurrent substance use treatment, mental health treatment and supportive services. These individuals also experience barriers to treatment, such as lack of adequate health insurance coverage, unemployment, and loss of support systems. Clients require comprehensive, continuous, and recovery-focused care.

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    These are the agencies that have COMBAT-funded Partial Hospitalization treatment programs.

    Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc.
    » Substance Use Disorder Program

    » Coed, Women and Children's Treatment Services

    Swope Health Services
    » Imani House
    "One Stop Helathcare Shop," offering counseling, outpatient and partial hospitalization services