1. National Recovery Month 

    ConnectionsWith the right treatment, support and resources, recovery is possible for everyone. Friendship is a powerful way to support those in recovery. Reach out and invite friends to join you in activities that support their wellness. » RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE
  1. September Is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

    Talk_About_ItWorried that someone you know or love might be having suicidal thoughts? Ask them. Create a safe place to ask, “Are you thinking about taking your own life?” And be prepared to follow up if the response is “yes,” “no” or unclear. » SUICIDE PREVENTION
Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax
  1. COMBAT_Symposium_Recap-HOME

    Symposium Recap

    The COMBAT Symposium centered around making a greater impact, with increased participation in STRiVIN' to focus on two crises, one related to COMBAT’s anti-violence mission and the other its drug abuse prevention mission: gun violence and overdoses. » MORE
  1. COMBAT_30th_Anniversary-365

    COMBAT 30th Anniversary

    Jackson County’s anti-crime program—among the first in the nation to not only increase enforcement but also support innovative prevention and treatment programs—got a new name in 1993. COMBAT became COMBAT 30 years ago! » MORE
  1. 2022_COMBAT_Community_Impact_365

    Community Impact Report

    COMBAT supports nearly 100 community progams. The perils of fentanyl and other drugs, combined with increased crime in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, made COMBAT support for Jackson County even more crucial in 2022 and now going into 2023—and beyond. » MORE
  1. Raytown_Referral_Program

    Innovative Referral Program

    This innovative COMBAT program allows police and others to make a simple referral that can connect individuals or families to life-changing, maybe even life-saving services. All it takes is checking a few boxes and clicking SUBMIT. » MORE
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More Than 100 Programs Funded In 2021

» Violence Prevention Programs

• Bullying/Cyber Bullying • Child Abuse
• Counseling Services• Diversion Programs
• Domestic Violence• Ex-Offender / Reentry
• Gang Violence• Legal Services (1 Program)
• Parenting• School Attendance/Truancy
• Sexual Assault• STRIVIN'
• Suicide Prevention• Teen-Dating Violence
• Victim Support• Youth-Oriented

» Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

» Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

• Drug Counseling
• Intensive Outpatient
• Partial Hospitalization
• Recovery Houses
• Residential Inpatient

» Law Enforcement School-Based Programs


STRIVING Together To Reduce Violence In Neighborhoods

Initiative Focuses On Need For Joint Effort To Reduce Violence In Neighborhoods

This COMBAT initiative brings together school administrators, police officers, elected officials, mental health professionals, social workers, faith-based leaders and concerned citizens to address violence in Jackson County’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. 

With a focus on developing a collaborative, comprehensive and coordinated plan in each “hot spot,” STRIVIN’ recognizes that no one individual or single agency can “save a neighborhood.” It takes working together—striving together—to make any neighborhood a safe place to call home.