Guadalupe Center's Outpatient Treatment Program

The Guadalupe Center's Outpatient Treatment program addresses the substance use treatment needs of primarily the underserved Latino community in Jackson County. These treatment services and activities will reach an estimated 80 Jackson County residents, primarily but not limited to, Latino adult men and women, who are low income and uninsured, facing life challenges due to use of illicit substances including cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, opiates and more recently fentanyl. They reside primarily in Kansas City's Northeast, Westside, East side and Midtown neighborhoods, in addition to Eastern Jackson and Independence.

The program offers both in-person and virtual as needed alcohol-drug assessments, individual counseling, group counseling, client education, community-supported services, substances use analysis, case management, referral to Medication Awareness Recovery services, as well as referral to psychiatric services. The program maintains a Qualified Diagnostician who works on-site with counseling staff to appropriately diagnose participants for admission and/or referral to other treatment settings.

The program utilizes an evidence based curricula focusing on behavior change and utilizing motivational strategies, cognitive-behavioral therapy and use of the trans-theoretical model of change.

Staff are certified Missouri Recovery Support Specialists (MRSS). 

Counselors help clients make independent and self-directed choices and to take a proactive role in their recovery. The program assists the client in engaging in pro-social activities and involvement in the development of protective factors. The bilingual (Spanish-English) program materials, services and activities are designed to help clients gain awareness of the impact of their substance use disorder and provides counseling services that support abstinence as well as other comprehensive services that promote changes in other life areas affected by their use.


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