Saint Luke's Crittention Adolescent Treatment Program

Saint Luke's Hospital Crittenton's Adolescent Substance Use Intensive Outpatient Program serves young persons, ages 12-19 (middle school- and high school-aged) from the Greater Kansas City area, experiencing problems in their lives associated with their use of substances. We treat the young person as well as their family and community also affected by the use of substances.

Crittenton strives to offer the highest quality culturally competent care for its clients. COMBAT funding enables Crittenton to treat clients with financial needs due to loss of employment, exhaustion of insurance benefits or without coverage for substance use counseling, incarceration, and other long-term problems that impinge on employment and income status. 

Clients need substance use services to achieve abstinence from all mind-altering chemicals and to enhance functioning in all areas of their lives. Some are currently Involved with the legal system and 80% or more report engaging in illegal activity related to their substance use, as well as violence and/or anger issues.

Treatment addresses the client and their families' traumas, including previously experienced traumas, along with trauma as a result of clients' substance use. Compounding their substance use disorders, clients seek treatment to address isolation, denial, legal issues, stressed family functioning, poor judgment, mental health issues, inadequate coping skills and stress management.

The Intensive Outpatient Program Level of Care services include screening, assessments, treatment planning, group educationcounseling, self-help support education and groups, individual sessions, family counseling, drug screening, recreational expressive therapies and case management.

Recovery is monitored via randomly collected urine and/or serum drug screens completed in outpatient laboratories or via on-the-spot quick testing. Disposable breathalyzers are also used on an "as needed" basis.

The Drug Counseling Level of Care (Aftercare) is offered to all clients who successfully complete the Intensive Outpatient Program. This is a voluntary recovery support program that clients are encouraged to participate in to continue working on their recovery and any issues that may arise.


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2023 COMBAT Funding:

2023 Service Projection:
30 People

Areas Of Focus

Crittenton Children's Center, 10918 Elm Ave, Kansas City, MO 64134