1. Deadline To Apply Was June 29, 2023

Current COMBAT-Funded Agencies

The Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax is a county-wide 0.25% sale tax that generates approximately $30 million per year to fund local law enforcement, as well as prevention and treatment services provided by non-profits in Jackson County.

The Jackson County COMBAT Commission is charged with the responsibility of establishing the priorities of COMBAT and making recommendations to the Jackson County Legislature for the funding of various initiatives that support this mission.  

Funds Distribution

Drug and violent crime related initiatives are supported through an allocation formula approved by the County Legislature:


    Physical Address
    415 E 12th Street
    9th Floor
    Kansas City, MO 64106


    Fax: 816-881-1416

COMBAT Funding Pie Chart

Opportunities exist for community agencies to apply for COMBAT anti-crime sales tax funds that support prevention and treatment programs. COMBAT looks to fund programs that are comprehensive, innovative, and evidence-based that address substance abuse, drug abuse prevention, or prevention of drug-related or violent crimes. COMBAT funding can be in the form of regular funding, or through grant match funding.

COMBAT funds community agencies through a request for proposal (RFP) process and/or a funding application process. RFP's are issued every 2 years for prevention and treatment, and renewed through the funding application. Grant Match funding can be applied for each year through the funding application process.