Creating A Form Center Account

Follow these steps to create a Form Center account:

Form Center Sign-In Option

1) You'll be given the options to sign in via Facebook or Yahoo. These instructions are for using the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button. Once you have created an account, you can then log-in through the "EXISTING ACCOUNT" button.


2) Creating your "Profile" (a.k.a. account) requires inputting your first and last names, as well as a valid email address. You can also check "YES" to make your profile private and ignore providing a photo.


3) You have to then "agree to the policies, term and conditions" and click the "Create Profile" button.

Privacy Policies

4) This pop-up message will then appear:

e-mail Verification Pop-upThis not an error message, but a message informing you that you'll need to validate your new Form Center account by checking the inbox of the email acount you used to create your Form Center account.

5) The validation email will be sent by CivicPlusPlattform with a "Changes To Your CivicPlus Account" subject line. This message will include a "VALIDATE ACCOUNT" button—a button with a link that will expire after 24 hours, so don't delay validating your new account and seeting up your Form Center password.

6) The "VALIDATE ACCOUNT" button in the e-mail message will take you to a CivicPlus log-in page, where you may then input your new password. You'll use this password and your e-mail address to then log into your newly created EXISTING ACCOUNT.

Form Center Password

IMPORTANT: If you do not press the SAVE PROGRESS button before closing the tab/window in which you are filling out the form, your form will not be saved. We recommend saving often.

Save Progress Button

Accessing Saved Forms

To access your saved forms do the following:

1) Use any of the submit buttons on this page to access the form center and log into your existing account.

Form Center Sign-In Option

2) Click on the MY FORMS button:


3) You will see a list of your forms under SUBMITTED FORMS & SAVED PROGESSS FORMS

You can open (or delete), then continue working on your SAVED PROGRESS FORMS. 


SUBMITTED FORMS can not be edited.

IMPORTANT: Clearing your browser's cache may result in clearing the data you have inputted into any of your SAVED PROGRESS FORMS. And always be sure to click the SAVE PROGRESS button until you do submit your completed form.