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STRIVIN' Participation Sign-up

  2. STRiVIN' Participation Sign-up

    This form is to be completed by organizations receiving COMBAT funding to indicate in which STRiVIN' (Striving To Reduced Violence In Neighborhoods) neighborhood(s) they will be participating. STRiVIN' is a COMBAT initiative to bring together schools, police, mental health providers, social workers, faith-based leaders, concerned citizens and others to address violence in vulnerable neighborhoods.

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  3. — COMBAT Funding Type*

    Check All That Apply

  4. — STRiVIN' Neighborhoods

    In each designated STRiVIN' neighborhood, a non-profit organization receiving COMBAT funding serves as the hub, responsible for coordinating resources in the surrounding area. 

    (STRiVIN' meetings are usually conducted virtually through ZOOM.)


    The Hope Hangout, (Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition)
    Hickman Mills School District’s Burke Academy
    11115 Bennington Avenue • Kansas City, MO 64134
    Director and Hub Resource Coordinator: Marva Moses
    (Meetings held second Thursday of every month)


    The Mattie Rhodes Center
    148 N. Topping Avenue • Kansas City, MO 64123
    Director and Hub Resource Coordinator: Scott Wagner
    (Meetings held first Thursday of every month)


    Greater Impact (Greater Metropolitan Church of Christ)
    3735 Wabash • Kansas City, MO 64109
    Director and Hub Resource Coordinator: Branden Mims
    (Meetings held first Thursday of every month)


    Community Services League (Hawthorne Place Apartments)
    16995 Dover •  Independence MO 64056
    Director and Hub Resource Coordinator: Jennifer Manuleleua
    (Meetings held third Thursday of every month)


    The Safe Zone (Sisters In Christ)
    6108 Blue Ridge Blvd. • Raytown MO 64133
    Director and Hub Resource Coordinator: Carolyn Whitney
    (Meetings held fourth Thursday of every month)

  5. Which Neighborhood(s)?

    Check the box(es) of those STRiVIN' neighborhoods in which your organization will be participating.

  6. — STRiVIN' Contacts

    List those individuals with your organization who will or may be participating in STRiVIN' meetings. They'll receive meeting invitations and STRiVIN' updates to the e-maills addresses provided.

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