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2023 Program Directory - Violence Prevention

  1. JacksonCountyCOMBATAllHandsIn
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  3. General Information
  4. Use "N/A" if agency doesn't have a website.

  5. Area(s) Of Focus*
  6. Program Descriptions
  7. Third-Person

    These summaries will be appearing on Therefore, it is important that they be written in third person, using the program's and agency's name. Summaries written in the first person ("we," "our," etec.) can lead to confusion in that visitors to the site might believe that COMBAT is directly operating your program.

  8. This is brief summary of your program (limit 1,000 characters) is for use on our website index pages, where space is limited.

  9. There is no character limit for the detailed description you can provide here. You can likely take the description from your fundng application, though be sure to edit accordingly to eliminate any first-person references.

  10. Program Contact Information & Locations

    This information will be published on the COMBAT website.

  11. Include the name of school, church, community center, etc. Also list specific phone for that location if different than the contact number provided above.


    Irving Elementary School

    505 N. Elm Street, Kansas City, MO 64106


  12. Other Contacts

    This information will not be published on our website, but email addresses will be added to our providers list for communications from COMBAT.

  13. Director, Executive Director, President, etc.

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