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2021 Substance Abuse Prevention Funding


  1. 1. Requirements
  2. 2. Contact Information
  3. 3. Program Location(s)
  4. 4. Program Summary
  5. 5. Logic Model
  6. 6. Outcome Measurements
  7. 7. Program Budget
  8. 8. Attachments
  9. 9. Submission
  • Requirements

    1. Jackson County COMBAT
    2. Important
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    3. Name of program for which you are applying for funding.
    4. 2021 Substance Abuse Prevention Application
      In an effort to prevent substance abuse, Jackson County COMBAT is seeking to fund Substance Abuse Prevention programs that deliver Trauma-Informed and/or Trauma-Sensitive services to Jackson County residents.

      Programs must be evidence-based or research-based, and targeted populations must be clearly described and justified as appropriate for this drug abuse prevention funding application.

      1) Applicants are encouraged to work with others in cooperative projects that make use of existing resources and expertise.

      2) COMBAT requires submitted proposals to be evidence-based or researched-based—that is, replicating or based on approaches that have been evaluated to be effective. Applicants must provide thorough evidence that their proposed strategies are based on evaluated approaches, with citations showing effectiveness.

      3) COMBAT funding is allocated annually. There is no guarantee that your agency will be funded for next year’s funding cycle.
    5. Requirements
    6. ALL Requirements Must Be Met At Time Of Applying
      IMPORTANT: The online application program will not permit you to continue to the next section of the website until you complete the section on which you are working.
    7. Jackson County Requirments
      A) Tax Clearance Required: Chapter 10, 1003 of the Jackson County Codes states “No person, firm or corporation, residing in Jackson County, or otherwise legally within the taxing jurisdiction of the County, shall be eligible to provide any goods, contractual services or anything covered by this chapter, unless that person, form or corporation is duly listed and assessed on the County tax rolls and is in no way delinquent on any taxes payable to the County” (Ord. 3839, Eff. 11/28/06). If you need to register as a Business with Jackson County, please call (816) 881-3530 or (816) 881-4541. Exception: Governmental Jurisdictions in Jackson County.

      B) Goal for Minority Hiring and Employment: Chapter 93, Section 9304 of the Jackson County Code regarding COMBAT states “Any proceeds from the Anti-Drug Sales Tax creating jobs and employment shall have a twenty percent goal for minority hiring and employment” (Ord. 1795, Sec. 4; Ord. 1941 Effective April 24, 1991). Since this is a specific requirement for COMBAT, it is required during the application period and will be monitored.

      Each funded organization must provide evidence of liability insurance coverage during the time of award of funding from Jackson County.

      Applicant organizations must have on file a Compliance Certificate from Jackson County before any funding may be awarded.
    8. COMBAT Requirements
      A) Any organization requesting COMBAT funding must have an office in Jackson County and provide services to Jackson County residents in Jackson County.

      B) Applicant organizations must provide a copy of a letter from the Internal Revenue Service indicating current 501.c.3 tax-exempt status.

      C) An applying agency must be in existence for more than two years. 4. Applicant organizations must provide proof of current Good Standing with the Missouri Secretary of State.

      D) Applicant organizations must provide a copy of a certified final audit (within the past two fiscal years).

      E) Applicant organizations must provide a copy of a current IRS form 990 (within past two years) or extension letter.

      F) COMBAT funding is provided on a reimbursement basis, available upon submission of receipts and proof of payment at the end of each month.

      G) COMBAT funds cannot be used for capital purchases.

      H) All persons implementing COMBAT funded programming must have training in Trauma-Informed Care.

      I) With very few exceptions that must be justified by clear evidence of large scale impact and effectiveness in preventing or reducing substance abuse or violence, programs that have been funded by COMBAT for more than five (5) years will not be funded without inclusion of new/updated/enhanced strategies that reflect the most current best practices. Long standing programs must justify continued use of strategies that have been used for many years, and prove that the contribution of these programs to reducing societal substance abuse and violence is actually worth their continuation.
    9. Staff Requirements
      Staff assigned to COMBAT funded programs must have received Trauma Informed Care training. If a staff person has not received this training, the agency must show that this person has received that training within three (3) months of the beginning of the program, or that person’s salary will no longer be funded.
    10. Acknowledgement*
      I have read all requirements for 2021 COMBAT Substance Abuse Prevention funding.