Sisters In Christ Dahomey Training Center

The Dahomey Training Center is a substance abuse prevention and anti-violence program based on the protective factor of workforce development in mitigating the occurrence of substance abuse and criminal activity among at-risk populations. Its programs and services are designed for at-risk women. This includes women from families suffering from generational addiction; women with personal histories of substance abuse; women involved or associated with criminal activity and lifestyles; and formerly incarcerated women facing massive challenges as they transition from correctional facilities to re-entering society.

Becoming self-sufficient is key to stabilization in all areas of life. In Kansas City, and nationwide, formerly incarcerated women and women in recovery for substance use disorder face stigma and challenges in securing employment. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that stable employment reduces both substance abuse and criminal activity.

The Dahomey Training Center's programs and services incorporate three components: 1) substance abuse reduction-prevention, 2) violence reduction-prevention, and 3) hands-on employment training—offering at-risk women and gender-focused interventions to support health/sobriety, criminal justice compliance, stable residency, employment, and social/civic connections. Strategies, services and activities include the use of trauma-informed and evidence-based practices, including cognitive behavioral therapy; re-engagement case management; criminal justice compliance support; peer support using certified MRSS and CPS staff; life skills education; workforce preparation services; transportation assistance; and family reunification support.

Classes offered at the Dahomey Training Center equip women of color in mastering life and job skills needed to sustain living wage employment and thrive specifically in the skilled trade industry. Classes are topical and allow students to learn and master skills, including household management, positive parenting, resume preparation, job seeking, job interviewing techniques, professional etiquette-communication, leadership, customer service, maintaining personal-professional boundaries, onboarding, boss management, managing up, conflict resolution, managing coworker relationships, burnout prevention, and personal finance. Class instructors consist of skilled trade employers, local business owners, operators, managers, and professionals.

Furthermore, Sisters in Christ is continuously forming sustainable relationships with local businesses and skilled trade employers committed to hiring graduates of the Dahomey Training Center.

Additionally, the Safe Zone Raytown COMBAT STRIVIN' Hub will refer at-risk women to Dahomey Training Center who are in need of substance abuse prevention services, violence intervention/prevention services, and workforce development services. The Dahomey Training Center has a high success rate in helping women transition to self violence intervention-prevention services, and workforce development services. The Dahomey Training Center has a high success rate in helping women transition to self-sufficiency.

Since 2018, 107 women have been trained at Dahomey Training Center. 70% or 74 of the women secured living wage employment as a result of the training including skilled trade occupations in landscaping, trucking, construction, forklifting, and security screening. The outcomes and impact of the Dahomey Training Center is breaking cycles of generational poverty, incarceration and trauma.


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Lockwood Mall, 7609 Raytown Rd, Raytown, MO 64138

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