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ArtsTech has secured funding to upgrade and expand our technology offerings. Youth pod casting, 3-D printing, CAD, Graphic Design using industry standard software, and other new in-demand studio experiences will be available to engage at-risk youth. In addition, ArtsTech is exploring ways to use the gallery space for youth development, anti-violence and healthy lifestyles training, as well as events to support the larger community, including COMBAT-funded agencies and youth throughout Jackson County.

ArtsTech is proposing a multipronged approach to reducing-eliminating violence and substance abuse among our most troubled, at-risk youth. Using the evidence-based techniques identified by the CDC, ArtsTech seeks to prevent violence and accompanying substance abuse by providing strength-based strategies of youth development. The recommendations from CDC's review of best practices are infused in all our youth development programming, including culturally-specific and relevant strategies based on the unique needs of urban core youth:

1. Strengthen economic support for families (jobs and entrepreneurial skills).

2. Promoting social norms that protect against violence and adversity (conflict resolution, workplace skills, violence prevention, and mentoring).

3. Ensure a strong start for youth (support for victims of violence, young parents, and art programming designed to empower youth and their caregivers).

4. Teach skills (job skills, workplace skills, team work, project-based learning-skill building, academic support, exposure to careers and youth development).

5. Connect youth to caring adults and activities (mentoring, academic-career-job coaching, youth mentoring and mentoring of influencers of youth (i.e., local rappers-DJs).

6. Intervene to lessen immediate and long-term harms (Conflict resolution, supplemental income for families through youth employment, mentoring, connecting with caring adults in safe places and providing engaging STEAM and STEM activities for targeted youth).

ArtsTech incorporates five core competencies: 1) positive sense of self, 2) self-control, 3) decision-making skills, 4) a moral system of belief, and 5) prosocial connectedness that are linked to a healthy child-teen-young adult. By promoting mastery of social and emotional core competencies, a connection between positive youth development and risk prevention programming is established. These core competencies are essential to our programming and activities.

Youth development, counseling and anti-violence programming with participating groups impact the reduction of violence and crime in the hot spot areas identified by Jackson County COMBAT and the cycle of violence and drug use in the larger community. 


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