Suicide Prevention

These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded program with a suicide prevention emphasis or component.

ArtsTech's Integrated Arts Violence Prevention

ARTSTECH PROGRAM -- This ArtsTech uses a multi-pronged approach to reducing/eliminating violence and substance abuse among our most troubled, at-risk youth and in identified violence “hot spot” neighborhoods. Using the evidence-based techniques identified by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), ArtsTech seeks to prevent violence and accompanying substance abuse by providing strength-based strategies of youth development. The recommendations from the CDC's review of best practices are infused in all our youth development programming and includes culturally specific and relevant strategies based on the unique needs of the urban core and minority youth. ArtsTech incorporates five core competencies: 1) positive sense of self, 2) self-control, 3) decision-making skills, 4) a moral system of belief, and 5) prosocial connectedness that are linked to a healthy child/teen/young adult.

Blue Springs COPS Program

BLUE SPRINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT PROGRAM -- The Community Outreach Prevention Strategies (COPS) program addresses children and families’ mental health needs, as well as crime and violence prevention and substance abuse prevention, with the focus on youth, family and the community. Counselors conduct assessments on all individuals to identify their needs, formulate a plan that is appropriate for the situation that COPS offer, including counseling, case management, mentoring and consulting. Counselors will meet with individuals at their location, schools, outreach locations or office. Officers and counselors lead decision making classes consisting of supportive parenting, racial-bias, healthy relationships, impulse control, personal safety, legal awareness, and drug and alcohol groups. Participants may be appropriately assigned a community services day, Girls on Fire program or the Life Sports program, which is conducted by Blue Springs Police Department’s officers and counselors.

Child Protection Center

CHILD PROTECTION CENTER, INC. PROGRAM -- The mission of the Child Protection Center (CPC) is to respect the child and protect their voice throughout the investigation of child abuse. The CPC accomplishes its mission and program purpose by providing forensic interviews, family advocacy and mental health services to children ages 3-17 living in Jackson County, who are victims of sexual and physical abuse or who have witnessed a homicide or violent crimes and their non-offending caregivers. The CPC’s Program ensures that children who are victims of child abuse or witness to violent crimes are properly identified, that their statements are made through forensic interviews, and that they are ensured access to all necessary mental health treatments and social supports as soon as possible. In 2019, the CPC served 807 victims of child abuse. Of those, 672 were from Jackson County.

DeLaSalle Violence Prevention

DELASALLE EDUCATION CENTER PROGRAM -- DeLaSalle’s Violence Prevention program is a multifaceted approach to Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration to best serve DeLaSalle’s students. DeLaSalle’s proactive approach to violence prevention includes offering on-site programming with support from Camp Fire Heartland and school-initiated strategies during school hours as well as after school hours—with off-site programming at organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City and having staff or mentors dedicated to be available and/or respond immediately to situations at all times of the day, night, or weekends. Programs offered during the hours from school dismissal to the evening will provide positive interactions with other students and adults, as opposed to these hours often being the times students are most susceptible to negative influences in their lives. In addition, DeLaSalle will teach to the socio-emotional competencies that are life long and all day skills.

Eastern Jackson County Schools Collaborative

BLUE SPRINGS SCHOOL DISTRICT PROGRAM -- The Eastern Jackson County Schools Collaborative of Greater Kansas City (EJCSC-GKC) is a joint effort among the school districts of Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, and Lone Jack for the purpose of addressing the prevention of violence among our youth and families in Eastern Jackson County. All school-aged children within the collaborative who are identified to be at risk of violence, either to themselves or others, are eligible for services. All prevention services are guided by the Blue Sprigns School District's psychologist, who acts as the Prevention Services and Drug Abatement Coordinator (PSDAC).

REVEAL Social & Mental Health Services

RECONCILIATION SERVICES PROGRAM -- REVEAL—Restore-Engage-Value-Encourage-Act-Lead—Program offers a comprehensive approach to individual and community healing through evidence-based therapeutic services under the direction of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Reconciliation Services reaches individuals who would not seek therapeutic services elsewhere. The REVEAL Program provides an environment and services that seek to address violence prevention by increasing neighborhood strengths, encouraging pro-social behavior to build community cohesion, and addressing unmet community and individual needs for social and mental health services.

Youth Ambassadors Summer & School Year Programming

YOUTH AMBASSADORS, INC. PROGRAM -- Youth Ambassadors hires youth (ages 14-18), many of whom have a history of multiple trauma exposures and are at risk for violence—either as victims or perpetrators—to participate in work assignments that resemble traditional classroom environments. The focus of Youth Ambassadors' violence prevention efforts include the provision of 21st Century life and job skills, mental health services, social-emotional learning, and exposure to equity and advocacy initiatives. Ambassadors participate in a learning community with intentional instruction from adults considered experts in their respective fields. Each week, Ambassadors receive assignments and exercises to increase their value-added market skills, personal responsibility, critical thinking and mental health. The youth are compensated for their participation. Because of this unique aspect, the youth receive financial literacy workshops to embed practical financial skills early on.

Zero Suicide

REDISCOVER PROGRAM -- The Zero Suicide program was initially implemented in 2018 to reduce youth suicide through an integrated systems-level approach. COMBAT funds provide services to 350-400 children and youth, ages 10-19, and their families. Healthcare coverage often does not fully cover services offered by Zero Suicide, creating service gaps for underinsured individuals. Those Zero Suicide primarily helps are some of the most traditionally underserved: predominately females (74%) and LGBTQ+ (31%). The average age of children enrolled in Zero Suicide was 15 years in 2019, with children as young as seven receiving services. Services include screening, crisis intervention, intensive case management and follow-up procedures. Zero Suicide differentiates itself from typical suicide programming in that it emphasizes engagement, retention and delivery of high-quality, trauma-informed and meaningful treatment. Since the 2018 implementation of the program, the suicide rate has gone down 5.8%.

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    These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded program with a suicide prevention emphasis or component.

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    Blue Springs School District
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    Child Protection Center, Inc.
    » Child Protection Center

    DeLaSalle Education Center
    » DeLaSalle Violence Prevention

    Reconciliation Services
    » REVEAL Social & Mental Health Services

    » Show-Me Zero Suicide