Hearland Center For Behavioral Change SUD Treatment

Heartland Center for Behavioral Change offers Withdrawal Management services within the Modified Medical Inpatient Detoxification program and outpatient treatment services. These services are certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and accredited by CARF. 

Heartland Center offers a client-centered approach to care with a focus on alleviating the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. 

The program goal is to engage the consumer in evidenced-based practices of continuing psych-social treatment services upon discharge from the detoxification episode. This program offers an immediate screening to determine eligibility for services, which includes demographic information, residency, any known medical complications and current symptoms.

Upon intake, every client will receive a full nursing assessment to establish medical stability and the specific immediate needs of the client. Within 24 hours of admission, all clients will meet with the physician or APRN and receive a complete history and physical resulting in a diagnosis. The physician or APRN will establish standing orders for a treatment protocol specific to the needs of the consumer.

Every client will receive around-the-clock access to nursing care to include monitoring of vitals and withdrawal symptoms. Clients will be provided medications as appropriate and consistent with the standing orders to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Heartland Center has a strong working relationship with Truman Medical Center, ensuring that clients receive any necessary stabilizing medical care. Heartland is able to offer non-emergency transportation and many other community support resources to assist clients in successful completion of the detoxification episode of care. The length of detoxification stay is based on the client progress and stabilization of withdrawal symptoms. On average, a client's length of stay is between 3 to 5 days with over 80% discharging successfully with a plan in place for ongoing services to support recovery.

 Heartland is able to offer residential support services at the Community Residential Unit at 1514 Campbell Street next door to the detoxification and outpatient treatment services. The Community Residential Unit is a temporary housing option that meets the community's current gap in housing needs by increasing the access to residential support services. This service provides the structure to improve the continuum of care for each individual.

This planning has a primary goal of engaging the client in ongoing treatment services to promote a life in recovery.


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200 People

Areas Of Focus

Withdrawal Management (Detoxifaction Outpatient Services), 1534 Campbell St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Community Residential Unit, 1514 Campbell St, Kansas City, MO 64108