Know Your Influence Matters

Teens who learn anti-drug messages at home are 42% less likely to use drugs. You as a parent are the first line of defense when it comes to your teen's drug use or drinking. And you do make a difference!

Nearly 2/3 of teenagers see great risk of upsetting their parents or losing the respect of family and friends if they smoke marijuana or use other drugs.

You can influence your teenager's behavior, particularly if you are armed with the facts about drugs. Having a clear understanding about the risks of illicit drugs and knowing the signs to watch for in your teenager are critical first steps.

Know how marijuana interferes with concentrating on schoolwork and their ability to play sports. If you kids don't hear about drugs and alcohol from you, it's a sure thing that they'll hear about them from someone else. Also make certain that they understand the legal trouble and health consequences that they may encounter if they use drugs.
Navigating The Teen Years Handbook