Jackson County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Family Drug Court Advocacy Program

When a child and siblings are removed from a family system affected by substance use, it becomes the job of CASA staff attorneys (also known as guardians ad litem), staff case supervisors, and agency volunteers to ensure that:

A) Where the child is temporarily lodged is a safe home. 

B) The child's physical, emotional, and educational needs are being met while in foster care.

C) These interventions lead to the child's improved physical, social, and emotional health

D) When no longer under court protection, the child has a permanent home where she or he can thrive. 

Ultimately, it is our goal to reunify and preserve families whenever possible and safe. Thus, our Family Drug Court Advocacy Program improves the likelihood that kids from drug-affected families will grow up to be healthy adults who will establish loving homes for their own families and stop the cycle of familial violence, and will not engage in substance use.

The three goals of the Family Drug Court Advocacy Program are to:

1) Ensure that the child's housing situation is safe and supportive while their parent(s) is involved with Family Drug Court. This removes the child from an environment where drugs are being used, a first step in prevention. 

2) Identify and ensure the child's needs are being met in a timely manner. This reduces risk factors for substance use and violence later in life.

3) Ensure that the child's permanent home is free from drugs and is a safe and supportive environment where thechild may continue to thrive.


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