Kansas City Mothers In Charge: Survivors Will Heal

The Survivors Will Heal Program was developed and launched by Kansas City Mothers in Charge in 2021 as a direct response to the growing and overwhelming number of non-fatal shooting victims in Kansas City. While clergy or mental health service providers may assist these victims, KC MIC offers much-needed community-based intervention, while bridging the gap between law enforcement, victims of shootings and neighborhood residents in order to prevent future acts of violence, making our communities safer.

Crisis Intervention

After a victim, aged 17 or older, has experienced a shooting, KC MIC provides trauma-informed crisis intervention and support to victims and family members, support group settings, and one-on-one counseling opportunities.

Additionally, KC MIC is able to explain police procedure, provide information about KC MIC services, victims' rights, Crime Victims' Compensation, the investigation process, safety planning services, and help victims and families manage grief, hostility, confusion and anger in the days, weeks, and months after the shooting.

Increased Need Anticipated

The cornerstone of the program is the Survivors Will Heal support group, which provides an educational portion of the session, as well as an opportunity for group sharing on a more emotional level.

Planned education programs include KC MIC licensed therapists addressing trauma and the emotional aspects ofvictimization, plus those with other professionals covering conflict resolution and anger management to help them heal and develop resiliency. 

The program concludes with a shooting victim describing his-her healing journey. KC MIC is anticipating that with the increased level of violence, and the fact that many of the survivors will be younger and experience special challenges surrounding their victimizations, there will be an increased need for individual and family counseling services and ongoing supports.

KC MIC counseling services are provided completely free of charge.


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816-912-2601 • kcmothersincharge.org

2023 COMBAT Funding:

2023 Service Projection:
60 People

Areas Of Focus

Kansas City Mothers In Charge, 3200 Wayne Ave #124, Kansas City, MO 64109