Community Services League Wellness & Resiliency

Annually Community Services League serves more than 20,000 unique individuals who live at 50% or below Average Median Income (AMI), with the goal of stabilizing them financially and helping each family chart its' own long-term pathway out of poverty through employment and financial coaching. While that sounds very straightforward and measurable, and some aspects are, the reality is that it can be a difficult and messy process and most definitely a non-linear path, with steps back, while overall moving forward.

Trauma Care

The difficulties are frequently caused by past traumas that change each individual's thought processes, actions and reactions by changing the brain.

Community and personal traumas abound around us, particularly for those living in chronic poverty. Lack of trust in people or institutions or confidence in personal agency because of past experiences impedes efforts to even consider steps towards a safer, more stable environment, much less better money management and job training.

Mental wellness issues keep people perpetually stuck in the same behavior and belief systems.

At CSL, we are not mental health providers, but we believe that we can operate in such a way to create well spaces where people can begin addressing their traumas and moving past them. It starts by being fully Trauma-Informed in all of our spaces, practices and policies. All of our staff working on the “front-lines” have received Trauma-Informed Care training, and several are designated Trauma-Informed Care Trainers.

In 2023, we will hold Trauma-Informed Care training for staff and neighbors twice. Additionally, 60 neighbors will create mental wellness plans, and we will continue analyzing our policies and practices to ensure that we are following best practices.

Wellness Coach

A Wellness Coach rounds out our teams of Family Stability, Housing, Financial and Employment Coaches. This person helps “coach” our coaches in creating mental wellness plans with neighbors, assists in high-crisis situations, makes referrals to mental health professionals and resources, and creates tools and resources for staff. The Wellness Coach enables us to even more intentionally focus on creating a safe and healing environment for the trauma-impacted neighbors whom we serve, while ensuring that our team has knowledge on how to remain well.


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