National Recovery Month

With the right treatment, support and resources, recovery is possible for everyone.

National Recovery Month (Recovery Month), which started in 1989, is a national observance held every September to promote and support new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the nation’s strong and proud recovery community, and the dedication of service providers and communities who make recovery in all its forms possible.

» SAMHSA National Recovery Month 2023

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For students in #recovery, September marks #RecoveryMonth and a transition #BackToSchool. It can be an exciting, yet often overwhelming time. One way to cope is to stay connected with supportive and trusted friends, family, and mentors. 

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The LGBTQI+ community has unique needs for supporting members in #recovery. Join SAMHSA in promoting inclusive environments and offering affirming support to LGBTQI+ people in recovery.

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Friendship is a powerful way to support those in recovery. During #RecoveryMonth, reach out and invite friends in #recovery to join you in activities that support their wellness.

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#Recovery groups are formed when people listen, share stories of #LivedExperience, and learn from each other. 

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