Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus

Being that Hope Faith, at our 47,000 square foot facility, is in an area that Kansas City has deemed as vital to outreach to the homeless, we also know that security on this campus is paramount. Our social workers can't do their job properly if they feel unsafe, or are themselves having to deal with behavioral issues. We work to have a safe campus of the only "low barrier" day shelter in Kansas City.

Recently, we have been working with STRiVIN', and we all recognize that we can not reduce the substance abuse and violence without homeless people getting services, as well as finding permanent housing. We also are working with our security team to work hand-in-hand as we do street outreach in Paseo West. We want to make our large campus and the surrounding area a safer place for people to seek services and gain access to the resources they need. We, also in our street outreach efforts, want to be able to reduce violence and trafficking that happens even in open daylight in our area. Through a partnership with KCMO Public Works, we are going to send our staff, as well as houseless people we are able to employ. We will offer services to those experiencing homelessness, beautify the area, be trained to alert for city services and work with our local law enforcement and prosecutor's office to reduce violence, substance abuse and build relationships that gets the homeless the help they need to move their lives forward.

Violence within the homeless community is on the rise. Much of this stems from the rise of homelessness in our area.

Hope Faith is the only Homeless Assistance Day Campus in Kansas City, where we offer vital services of breakfast, lunch, showers, clothing, haircuts, laundry, hygiene and much more. We offer eyecare and other medical-related services. We also do work to get people housed. We are a low barrier shelter, that serves clients that most of the rest of the city won't work with on a daily basis.

We serve 3,000 unduplicated individuals annually, many of whom have experienced chronic homelessness and by being homeless have a much higher propensity of being victims of violence. We also have staff who does the work of getting people housed, through diversion, assessments, as well as street outreach. With this COMBAT funding, we will add help for security staff as well as floor manager and welcome center. To do this effectively, our guests and our staff need to be safe; to help a population with high barriers of poverty, lack of health care access, and long-term lack of investment in their communities. We need to be able to provide security to help reduce violence and equip our social workers to be able to do the work of getting services to a population that has many barriers to housing. 

We also will be doing the work of street outreach, violence prevention, as well as diversion to other programs with a strengths based and trauma informed


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2023 COMBAT Funding:

2023 Service Projection:
3,000 People

Areas Of Focus

Hope Faith - Homeless Assistance Campus, 705 Virginia Ave, Kansas City, MO 64106