Morningstar Development Providing Support For Those In Need

This is a unique community outreach program geared towards helping people with real life issues—problems they are dealing with while serving their municipal court probation time. We assist them to navigate them towards community, city, state, private and public solutions and resources in an effort to solve their particular problems, issues or concerns. 

This effort we believe assists people and keeps them from turning towards other ways of solving their particular issue/problem.

We facilitate and advocate meetings with agencies or entities regarding a client's particular issue. We coordinate and help interface with companies, agencies, government, or entities in problem solving, intake or counseling.

With the gap in social services and advocacy programs so severe in our urban core community, many of these individuals would resort to criminal activity to get the neccessary resources they need, if not for our services to help resolve, facilitate or navigating their issues. Lack of social services agencies, mental health state funds, intense crime bell zones, homelessness, utiility rates, higher and low job availability affect this area significantly.

People have no where to turn to find help or answers if not for the services we provide.


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2023 COMBAT Funding:

2023 Service Projection:
120 People

Areas Of Focus

Morning Star Development Corp, 2411 E 27th St, Kansas City, MO 64109