June 21, 2023


Wednesday, June 21, 2023
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Kauffman Foundation Conference Center
4801 Rockhill Road • Kansas City, MO 64110

We're hosting this symposium to bring together COMBAT-funded program providers—from all Prevention, Treatment and Justice agencies—to discuss how working together we can make sure COMBAT has an even greater impact on our community. COMBAT's new logo symbolizes that it truly takes "all hands in" to reduce substance abuse and violence, and we want to urge you to participate on June 21.


9:00 AM - Welcome
COMBAT Executive Director Vince Ortega & Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker)

9:15 AM - Getting To Know You
There will be assigned sitting so individuals from different agencies and backgrounds can get to know one another and share insights or ideas from different perspectives.

9:30 AM - COMBAT's History
Did you know COMBAT got its name 30 years ago? We thinks it's important to look back at where we've been as we look to now move forward.

10:00 AM - STRIVIN' & Social Services Referral Platform
The Striving To Reduce Violence In Neighborhoods represents COMBAT's most comprehensive effort to urge collaboration among COMBAT program providers. STRIVIN' has also lead to creation of one of COMBAT's most innovation programs ever, an online social services referral platform through which we can connect individuals and families to life-changing, even life-saving resources. Learn more about STRIVIN' and the referral platform, so that we can all strive to make each neighborhood in Jackson County a safe place to call home.

11:00 AM - Table Top Discussion I
We want to hear from those of you on the front lines in prevention, treatment and law enforcement as we seek to better address some of the key issues facing Jackson County. When you register for the symposium, you'll take a brief survey to help us select the topics for discussion.

NOON - Lunch
Lunch will be served. Be sure to include any dietary restrictions on your agency's registration form.

1:00 PM - Table Top Discussions II & III
Let's continue talking, collaborating and seeking solutions.

3:00 PM - The Next Chapter Of COMBAT History / Q & A
Before you go, we want to discuss how you can help write COMBAT's history going forward, and then answer your questions.

Discussion Topics

When you register you'll be asked to rank these potential topics of discussion in order of importance or to suggest other possible topics:

  • Fentanyl & The Threat It Poses. What messaging can be used to try and reduce overdoses?

  • School Violence. How are students coping—or not coping—in our post-pandemic world, and how can we help them?

  • Gun Violence. What can be done to reduce firearm-related homicides and injuries?

  • Legalized Marijuana. What are the ramifications? Has legalizing marijuana caused new threats to emerge?

Registration Deadline

The deadline for registering is Monday, May 22, at 3:00 p.m.

Limit 2 Per Agency

There is a limit of two attendees per COMBAT-funded agency. Please have one person from your agency submit the registration form.

More Information

Contact COMBAT Programs Administrator Tammie Jordan at tjordan@jacksongov.org or 816-881-1413.