Ivanhoe Neighborhood East Quadrant Safety Initiative

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Community Services League

Program Summary:
The Initiative is focused on reducing violent crime and preventing conditions that contribute to violence in a targeted area of the Kansas City neighborhood, east of Highway 71 between Euclid Street and Prospect Avenue from 31st to Cleaver Boulevard. As the progress continues, the Initiative’s focus will expand west along major streets, including the 39th Street corridor where Ivanhoe continues to develop housing, mixed-use and commercial projects. 

The ultimate goal is to eliminate defined “hot spots” for crime along Prospect and deter crime in emerging areas of development. Through a collective impact strategy, Ivanhoe will work with residents and adjacent neighbors to meet four primary outcomes: 

  1. Increased neighborhood social cohesion, advocacy and organization
  2. Improved neighborhood capacity and sustainability
  3. Decreased violent crime and illegal activities
  4. Increased long-term economic development projects and investment

Program Addresses: 
Ivanhoe Community Center

3700 Woodland • Kansas City, MO 64109

Ivanhoe Community Kitchen
3201 Michigan (LAMP Campus) • Kansas City, MO 64109

816-921-661 • incthrives.org

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