Pemberton Park For Grandfamilies

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Housing Services of Kansas City

Program Summary:
Pemberton Park provides housing and case management for grandfamilies. These grandfamilies comprise two very vulnerable, at-risk populations: elderly caregivers living in poverty and children who have experienced significant trauma in their young lives.

Without interventions, these would most likely experience violence, bullying at school, drug abuse, (negative) involvement with the criminal justice system and be subject to other forms of victimization. Instead, Pemberton Park for Grandfamilies offers these families a safe place to live; provides onsite case management to help the families navigate life's ups and downs; ensures issues that could result in eviction are handled before a family faces homelessness; helps address the complexity of grandparents raising grandchildren; and facilitates therapeutic interventions to help emotionally stabilize families.

These interventions, plus the referral network in place and available to the residents of Pemberton Park for Grandfamilies, are key to preventing violence.

Program Addresses: 
Pemberton Park for Grandfamilies • 5010 Cleveland Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64130

816-912-2146 •


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