Boys & Girls Clubs: SMART MOVES

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City

Program Summary: 
SMART Moves is based on a resistance-training/social-skills model. Using small-group activities, it teaches young people to recognize and resist media influences and peer pressures to engage in alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, opioids, other drug use and early sexual involvement.  SMART Moves recognizes that self-esteem is an important factor in regulating basic human drives and attitudes. When youth are made to feel that they matter — that they have a unique contribution to make — and when they are helped to understand their feelings, they are less likely to endanger their health or that of others by indulging in risky behaviors.

The center-point of Boys & Girls Clubs SMART MOVES focuses on providing young people from Kansas City's urban core with access to safe, secure, positive environments on a daily basis as well as ongoing educational programming to keep youth engaged in beneficial, healthy activities.

Program Addresses: 
John Thornberry Unit • 3831 E. 43rd Street • Kansas City, MO 64130

J&D Wagner Unit • 2405 Elmwood Avenue • Kansas City, MO 64127

Independence Unit • 315 South Leslie Avenue • Independence, MO 64050

Hawthorne Unit • 16995 Dover Lane • Independence, MO 64056

Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy • 3400 The Paseo • Kansas City, MO 64109

Clifford H. Nowlin Middle School • 2800 S. Hardy Avenue • Independence, MO 64052

Hillcrest Community Center • 10401 Hillcrest Road • Kansas City, MO 64134

816-462-0134 •


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