Don't Drive High

Driving High Is A Crime—And Dangerous

Missouri now has "legalized weed." But whether you are using marijuana recreationally or for a medical purpose, driving high is a crime.

Keep it legal. Be safe.

Driving under the influence—whether the influence is alcohol, marijuana or some other drug—is illegal and always entails potentially fatal risks. Impaired driving accounts for about 20% of all Missouri traffic fatalities, according to the state’s Department of Transportation.
» High Drives = High Crimes

Stuff Ain't Candy

This Stuff Ain't Candy

Because of the THC potency of edibles, especially in relation to the smaller weight and height ratio of a child or pet, ingestion can lead to negative health consequences for them—and legal consequences for you. In fact, anyone, any age can suffer a negative reaction to overeatng marijuana edibles.

 » Dangers Of Overeating Marijuana Edibles

Store Your Stash Safely Away From Kids & Pets

You want to keep any prescription medication and all marijuana away from your kids and pets. They certainly won’t know the difference between a sweet treat and a marijuana edible. Would you?

» Be Responsible