2024 Funding Applications

Submission Deadline Expired June 29, 2023

Jackson County COMBAT accepted applications for 2024 funding in four separate categories:

  • Prevention (Violence and Drug Abuse)
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Law Enforcement School-Based Initiatives
  • STRIVIN' (prior authorization required to apply)

The application window opened Monday, May 1, 2023 and closed at 3:00 p.m. Thursday, June 29, 2023. The "APPLY NOW" buttons previously on this page have been removed.

Agencies seeking COMBAT funding must be compliant when submitting their application(s). Any organization requesting COMBAT funding must have an office in Jackson County and provide services to Jackson County residents in Jackson County.


PreventionJackson County COMBAT is seeking to fund violence and substance abuse prevention programs that deliver trauma-informed and/or trauma-sensitive services to Jackson County residents.

• Programs must be evidence- or research-based, and targeted populations must be clearly described and justified as appropriate for an anti-violence/anti-drug funding application.
 • Partnerships are encouraged that take advantage of existing resources, expertise and experience in working with the targeted population. 
 • COMBAT will be allocating resources for programs in “hot spots” that have been identified through inputting crime report data to generate Areas of Interest smart maps outlining those neighborhoods where anti-violence services are most needed.
• There is a single application for Prevention that can be filled out for either Violence or Substance Abuse Prevention programs.


TreatmentThe objectives of the COMBAT Treatment services are to provide treatment with an overreaching goal of achieving the following general outcomes for those who use drugs:

• Counseling and/or medical-assisted programs leading to long-term recovery from drug use;

 • Retention in treatment for a period of time that maximizes treatment effects; 

• Improved employment and/or educational status; 

• Elimination of criminal behavior; 

• Improved family relationships and living environment; and 

• Creation or enhancement of a social support system that is conducive to recovery;

•  Proposals must be evidence-based or research-based and provide one or more services: 

• Provide detoxification, residential, community based primary treatment, intensive outpatient, and supported recovery. COMBAT is also seeking additional services specifically for residential support (room and board).

• Provide specialized programs and/or services (including residential treatment beds) for Jackson County Drug Court. Collaborative programs that provide room and board by one agency and treatment at a partnering agency are encouraged. Agencies must provide signed letters of participation.

• Programs that specifically target inmates at the Jackson County Detention Center to assist clients in living drug-free lives after leaving incarceration, regardless of length of sentence. These programs may also be supportive of Drug Court diversion opportunities for Drug Court clients who are incarcerated.
» Treatment Levels Of Service
» Recovery House Levels


Law_EnforcementLaw Enforcement has the opportunity to establish new innovated anti-drug and anti-violence prevention programs within the schools other than DARE. The requirements are that the program must be either evidence-based or research-based. The prevention programs must be developed in cooperation and collaboration with the school district. Please use this opportunity to broaden your scope of services.


  • Applications submitted after this deadline—3:00 p.m., Thursday, June 29, 2023—will be rejected without review. 


  • The same online application platform introduced in 2022 will be used again for 2024 Funding Applications.


  • Questions about applying questions about the information requested, requirements, etc. can be directed to COMBAT Program Administrator Tammie Jordan at (816) 881-1413 or tjordan@jacksongov.org.

  • Questions about compliance/non-compliance issues can be directed to COMBAT Deputy Director Dawna J. Shumate at (816) 881-3510 or dshumate@jacksongov.org.


  • Agencies must be compliant at the time that they submit their application(s).

  • Any organization requesting COMBAT funding must have an office in Jackson County and provide services to Jackson County residents in Jackson County.
 To complete an application, these required documents must to be included. 

Jackson County Required Documents
  • 2023 Jackson County Compliance Report Completed & Signed OR Existing Certificate (if you have one).

    » To Apply: Jackson County Certificate of Compliance Web Page

  • Copy of paid Jackson County Property Tax Receipt OR Current Exemption Certificate

  • Copy of evidence of liability insurance coverage for at least $1 million
COMBAT Required Documents

  • Copy of current IRS Form 990 (within the past two fiscal years 2021 or 2022)

  • Copy of Certified Financial Audit (within past two fiscal years 2021 or 2022)

  • Copy of letter indicating current IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (if applicant is not a governmental agency, e.g., city, school district or court in Jackson County).

  • Certificate of Good Standing from the Missouri Secretary of State

  • Staff list with titles, qualifications and copies of certifications. Must be attached as ONE DOCUMENT.

  • Agencies must be compliant at the time that they submit their application(s).

  • Any organization requesting COMBAT funding must have an office in Jackson County and provide services to Jackson County residents in Jackson County.

  • Applicant organizations must provide a copy of a letter from the Internal Revenue Service indicating current 501.c.3 tax-exempt status.  

  • An applying agency must be in existence for more than two years.

  • COMBAT funding is provided on a costs reimbursement basis, available upon submission of receipts and proof of payment at the end of each month.  

  • COMBAT funds cannot be used for capital purchases.  

  • All persons implementing COMBAT funded programming must have training in Trauma-Informed Care.

  • With very few exceptions that must be justified by clear evidence of large scale impact and effectiveness in preventing or reducing substance abuse or violence, programs that have been funded by COMBAT for more than five (5) years will not be funded without inclusion of new/updated/enhanced strategies that reflect the most current best practices.  Long standing programs must justify continued use of strategies that have been used for many years, and prove that the contribution of these programs to reducing societal substance abuse and violence is actually worth their continuation.


  • The application review process will begin immediately after the 3:00 p.m. deadline Thursday, June 29.

  • Applications are reviewed by the COMBAT administrative staff. They are also scored by outside reviewers.

  • Funding recommendations are made to the COMBAT Commissioners for their review and approval.

  • The funding recommendations must then be presented in the form of a resolution for final approval from the Jackson County Legislature.