Sugar Creek Police Law Enforcement School-Based Initiative

Purpose Statement

The program primarily provides a role model using the servant leadership objective. The students learn that they have a person to talk to, who will listen to them and not judge them. They will have access to that police officer who has contacts to help them in many life circumstances and will be able to provide them with life skills.

This program addresses five main risk factors, including the five general domains: Individual Domain, Family Domain, School Domain, Peer Group Domain and Community Domain. It provides direction for at-risk young men and women to develop their awareness of the inherent dangers of drug use, family violence and self-destruction.

Needs Addressed

The goal is for every young person to be given tools to make their life better and understand the consequences of bullying and the consequences of drug use, while discovering when people help people they ultimately help themselves.


The Sugar Creek Community Violence Prevention Police Officer is an all encompassing role model and teacher for a majority of youth programs specifically applied to students in the two elementary schools in Sugar Creek. The programs emphasize outreach to students between the ages 6 and 13. 

The Sugar Creek program includes both DARE and S.T.E.P. (Students Transitioning Exceptionally Prepared), with an emphasis on promoting interaction between students and teachers from first grade through eighth.

Topics addressed include the following:

• Students will be instructed on the negative effects of bullying and cyber-bullying. Not only how it could have adverse effects on the victims of the behavior, but the repercussions to those who display the behavior.

• Students will be given instruction on the various ways to effectively manage conflict resolution.

• Drug, Alcohol, Youth Smoking-Vaping prevention education will be provided to students.

• Students will be exposed to the definition of Cyber-crimes, including sexting and sending nude photos, and the legal ramifications that can result if they are sending or possessing such material.

• Students will be instructed on the policy and procedure changes that will directly affect them in transitioning from elementary and middle school..


Click on the window icon (upper right corner) of the map below to expand. List of all program locations is included with expanded view of map. Locations are also listed on this page below the map.

Abraham Mallinson Elementary, 709 N Forest St, Sugar Creek, MO 64054

Clifford H. Nowlin Middle School, 2800 S Hardy Ave, Independence, MO 64052

Fairmount Elementary School, 120 N Cedar Ave, Independence, MO 64053

Sugar Creek Elementary School, 11424 Gill St, Sugar Creek, MO 64054

Van Horn High School, 1109 S Arlington Ave, Independence, MO 64053