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Sisters In Christ

Program Summary:

The Dahomey Training Center is a substance abuse prevention and anti-violence program based on the protective factor of workforce development in mitigating the occurrence of substance abuse and criminal activity among at-risk populations. Its programs and services are designed for at-risk women and girls. This includes:

  • women and girls from families suffering from generational addiction
  • women and girls with personal histories of substance abuse
  • women and girls involved or associated with criminal activity and lifestyles
  • and formerly-incarcerated women facing massive challenges as they transition from correctional facilities to re-entering society

Under a customized service plan, clients at the Dahomey Training Center will receive weekly client-centered, evidence-based services, tailored to meet their individual substance abuse prevention and workforce development needs.

Program Address:
Lockwood Mall 7609 Raytown Road Raytown, MO 64138.

816-772-3398 •


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