Eastern Jackson County Peer Diversion Court

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2021 COMBAT Funding: $72,616.00

In The EJC Youth Court's Own Words

The high rates of juveniles involved in criminal activities in Jackson County create an increased risk factor associated with drug abuse and violent behaviors for teens. The Eastern Jackson County Youth Court exists to hold juvenile offenders accountable for delinquent behavior, to provide positive peer-led restorative justice which promotes leadership and positive youth behavior, to increase juvenile offenders  knowledge and enhance refusal skills to avoid criminal behavior including the use of drugs and violent acts, and to reduce repeated criminal behavior and involvement in the criminal justice system.  

The Eastern Jackson County Youth Court (EJCYC) is a juvenile prevention peer court, which provides immediate sanctions for juvenile offenders.

The court meets the requirement of an evidence-based program as a model based on the Independence Youth Court, which has been recognized nationally by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) as a promising juvenile prevention program. The Eastern Jackson County Youth Court was established in 1989 and is the third oldest continuously operating peer court in Missouri.

EJCYC is also one of the 25 oldest known continuously operating youth diversion courts in the United States. The National Association of Youth Courts and Global Youth Justice organizations recognize the value of Youth/Peer courts as successful prevention diversion programs which promote restorative justice as an alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system. 

Trained Youth Court Student Volunteers

Peer Court adjudication hearings are conducted monthly by trained youth court student volunteers (ages 13 to 18), with adult volunteers, and under supervision of an adult Municipal Court Judge.  The criminal cases for juveniles ages 7 to 17—which will legally change to age 18 in Missouri in January 2021—are referred to Youth Court by seven police jurisdictions:

  • City of Buckner
  • City of Grain Valley
  • City of Greenwood
  • City of Oak Grove
  • City of Sugar Creek
  • Blue Springs School District Public Safety Department
  • Jackson County Sheriff's Office. 

These municipal/county ordinance violation cases include both status offenses (beyond parental control, curfew, runaway and truancy) and delinquent offenses (possession of alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia, tobacco/vape, assault, disorderly conduct, false information, harassment, possession of stolen property, property damage, shoplifting, minor traffic violations, trespassing and vandalism). 

Following National Youth Court Guidelines 

All court sanctions follow the National Youth Court Guidelines for restorative justice and prevention education. Victims of crimes such as assault, disorderly conduct, harassment, property damage, theft and vandalism are given the opportunity to present victim impact statements to the court prior to the adjudication of the juvenile offender.

The sentences in Youth Court require the juvenile to participate in community service to show accountability for their actions and to attend educational classes which provides knowledge and life skills to reduce the future potential for delinquent behaviors such as drug use, violent activities, and involvement in the criminal justice system. 

The Youth Court follows the COMBAT prevention objectives to promote activities which will reduce the risk of juveniles' use of alcohol and drugs, and violent activities which cause involvement in the criminal justice system.  The juveniles referred to Youth Court have exhibited risky and delinquent behaviors which are the first step in patterns of drug abuse and violence.  The restorative justice peer intervention provided by Youth Court along with the court sanctions of educational classes and community service allows at risk juveniles to participate in positive peer relationships, learn positive social behaviors, and learn resistance skills to refuse drugs, and avoid violence and criminal activities in the future. 


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