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We've added this section to our website to provide resources that might assist you and/or your organization during this Coronavirus pandemic. We are including information from reliable sources and will do our best to keep informaiton updated. However, be aware that most of the services here are being offered by federal, state and local agencies or other organizations, not COMBAT. Therefore, we might be unaware of any changes made. » CLICK ON THE BUTTONS BELOW

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  1. New COMBAT LogoDecember 15, 2021
    New COMBAT Logo: All Hands In
    COMBAT moved on from the clinched fist of its original logo—and the BEWARE warning it symbolized—a long time ago. Our new logo reflects the shift in recent years of COMBAT doing more than just accepting and approving grants for anti-crime funds but also being a true partner in doing everything possible to address violence and drug abuse holistically. We’ve replaced the clinched fist with helping hands.

  2. December 3, 2021
    New STRIVIN' Social Services Referral Program
    Raytown_Officer_Lisa_BarnettInnovative COMBAT program allows police and others to make a simple referral that can connect individuals and families to life-changing services. “As police officers, we always want to help people,” says Raytown Police Officer Lisa Barnett, “but we can’t always fix the issues in their lives. We’re responding to the immediate crisis they’re having. We’re going from call to call. With this referral application, we can do something more to help them.”

  3. December 3, 2021
    Dedicated To Improving People's Realities
    Carolyn_Quote_365Carolyn Whitney, executive director of the agency that serves as COMBAT’s primary partner in Raytown, believes new social services referral program will reduce crime in the community through helping people improve their lives. Changing the circumstances inside a home the police have been called to, she says, can result in the police not having to “come back knocking on that door again.”

  4. Free Workshop 
    November 17, 2021
    Funding_Workshop_FLASH-250How To Be A Successful COMBAT Applicant’
    COMBAT is continually looking to partner with new agencies that have new ideas for addressing the core issues at the heart of COMBAT’s mission: Substance Abuse Prevention, Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Violence Prevention. To help agencies navigate the COMBAT funding process, this FREE workshop will be held Wednesday, November 17, focusing on the basic requirements to be eligible for funding.
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  5. October 13, 2021
    One_Pill_Can_Kill_Slide_250Counterfeit Pills—‘Widely Available’ & ‘More Lethal’
    Prescription pills not obtained from a licensed pharmacy are not only illegal to possess, but when taken can also be dangerous. There’s a good chance those pills might be fakes with potentially fatal side effects. According to the DEA, counterfeit pills are “widely available” and “more lethal than ever before.” Seizures of phony pills containing fentanyl have increased 420% since 2019. Just two milligrams of fentanyl can be a deadly dose.
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