Workforce Opportunities For Returning Citizens

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Chamber of Commerce of Greater KC Foundation

Program Summary:
The KC Chamber Foundation addresses crime and recidivism by providing opportunities for economic mobility through the Workforce Opportunities for Returning Citizens (WORC) program. Over the course of 2020, the Chamber Foundation implemented a pilot program to begin to address employment needs for returning citizens and educate employers on the need for high impact jobs for formerly incarcerated individuals and how these employees can benefit their businesses.

This initiative engaged local businesses and connected them with experienced non-profit organizations serving returning citizens in Jackson County in the hopes of offering quality career options. The approach encompassed a multi-stepped process, including providing employer education and raising awareness; helping  businesses learn about the justice system; introducing resources and sharing best practices; building an online resource portal for returning citizens, nonprofits and employers; and developing a regional fair chance hiring toolkit.

For the 2021 program year, the KC Chamber Foundation will continue to build upon the success of the initial WORC pilot program. The initial pilot recruited eight Kansas City area employers from different industries and identified six area non-profit agencies. In the next phase of the initiative the KC Chamber Foundation will promote success and opportunities to engage this talent pipeline among the more than 2,000 business member base of the KC Chamber. Staff will actively continue recruitment efforts to have businesses across a variety of sectors examine their hiring policies and work with non-profit partners to interview and employ formerly incarcerated individuals.

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