Breaking Cycles of Violence

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Center For Conflict Resolution

Program Summary:
Breaking Cycles of Violence (BCV) is a reentry program that bridges gaps from incarceration to community supervision to release. The program continues the conflict resolution, restorative justice and trauma training for residents and staff at the Kansas City Reentry Center.

Building on the successful components of BCV, this year the Center for Conflict Resolution will add another element to bring the people who have caused harm together—when and where possible—with people who have been harmed to foster healing. People who have caused harm often become trapped in cycles of violence that affect their whole lives and the lives of others around them. BCV addresses CCR training and processes that are trauma-informed and utilize-evidence based cognitive behavior change elements to improve thoughts, emotions and behavior. The training and restorative justice processes help participants find positive ways to deal with conflict before it escalates to violence. CCR program evaluation shows that the center is successful at interrupting cycles of violence.

Program Addresses: 
Kansas City Reentry Centet (KCRC) - Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC)
651 Mulberry St. • Kansas City, MO 64101

Missouri Board of Probation & Parole
8800 Blue Ridge Blvd. • Kansas City, MO  64138

Missouri Board of Probation & Parole
1330 Brush Creek Blvd. • Kansas City, MO 64110

Missouri Board of Probation & Parole
1730 Prospect Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64129

Center for Conflict Resolution
6285 The Paseo Kansas City, MO 64110

816-461-8255 •


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