Preschool & School-Age Bullying Prevention

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Operation Breakthrough

Program Summary: 
Operation Breakthrough's violence prevention efforts in 2021 mostly will include the Committee for Children’s (research-based) Second Steps and Steps to Respect bullying prevention program for 270 preschoolers (ages 4-5) and 305 school-age children (5-16 years). In tandem with these educational resources, a variety of other interventions and activities will be provided to assist in positive pro-social development for both age groups.

Consistent and continuous attendance helps children understand and participate more fully in the structure and routine of their classrooms, increasing positive behavior. This is why we stress attendance in the parent handbook, at orientation meetings for newly enrolled and returning families, and in individual parent conversations with Family Advocates.

By learning to recognize bullying, students increase their awareness of the problem, learn to identify when they or others are being bullied and increase their empathy for bullied students. Giving students a clear message to report bullying sets a positive norm, lets students who might bully know there will be consequences, and supports adults in their efforts to reduce bullying.

Program Addresses: 
3036 Troost Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64109

3039 Troost Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64109

816-329-5275 •


    These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded program with a bullying prevention emphasis or component, including Electronic Agression (a.k.a. Cyber Bullying).

    Blue Springs School District
    » Eastern Jackson County Schools Collaborative of Greater Kansas City

    Bridge Leadership Academy
    » Bridge Anti-Bullying & Life Skills Program

    Calvary Community Outreach Network
    » Helping Youth Plan For Excellence
    Centers for Conflict Resolution
    » Reducing Compound Trauma In Hot Spots

    DeLaSalle Education Center
    » DeLaSalle Violence Prevention
    Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition
    » Hope Hangout
    High Aspirations
    » Violence Prevention For Jackson County African-American Males
    Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey
    » AileyCamp & AileyCamp The Group
    Mattie Rhodes Center
    » Mattie Rhodes Violence & Intervention Program

    Operation Breakthrough
    » Preschool & Shool-Age Bullying Prevention