About Us

The Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax is utilized to "combat" substance abuse and drug-related crime in Jackson County. Jackson County voters first approved a tax to "combat" drug use and drug-related crime in 1989. Later dubbed "COMBAT" for the "Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax" the tax has permitted Jackson County to approach the impact of drugs on individuals and entire communities as both a legal issue and public health crisis.

The 3 pillars of the COMBAT program are prevention, treatment & criminal justice:


If we can prevent a person from ever trying drugs, the person won't ever become an addict. Therefore, many COMBAT-support programs are geared toward children and adolescents, trying to convince them to never have "first taste" of drugs. 


COMBAT also funds nearly two dozen treatment programs that literally save lives, helping drug abusers confront their addiction, "get clean" and stay clean as productive members of our society.


COMBAT plays a vital role in law enforcement, prosecution and diversion efforts to combat illegal drug trafficking and all violence.

COMBAT has been an unqualified success for more than two decades. Other communities from across the nation and even from around globe have attempted to duplicate what Jackson County has down to "combat" drug abuse and crime.

Who COMBAT Helps

In short, COMBAT helps everyone, through reducing drug use and crime in our communities, making them safer places in which to live. From helping individuals get treatment to providing the resources to pursue and prosecute dealers, COMBAT makes a difference in all of our lives.

Mission Statement

Tasked with the mission of "Making substance abuse history," COMBAT views drug abuse and crime as both a health crisis and legal matter. COMBAT takes a 3-pronged approach to curtailing drug abuse:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Justice

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