Putting The Pieces Together


The Pieces That Form The STRiVIN’ Initiative?

STRiVIN’ brings together school administrators… police officers… treatment providers… mental health care professionals social workers… elected officials… faith-based leaders… neighborhood associations & organizations… COMBAT staff… COMBAT commissioners… and concerned citizens… with one COMBAT agency serving as the STRiVIN’ hub, tasked with being the coordinator in that neighborhood. 

Expecting the police—alone—to reduce violence doesn’t work. (Although—still in 2023—that remains the go-to move in many, if not most, other communities across the nation.)

No one person… no one agency—alone—has all the answers.

We’re trying to find solutions by bringing together all these agencies… All these people with diverse backgrounds—different professions, difference expertise, different experiences…

To put all the pieces in place we need agencies receiving COMBAT funding, yet not yet participating in STRiVIN’, to join this effort.

STRiVIN’ is the most comprehensive effort, to date, to bring our agencies together—there’s that word again—together to collaborate and coordinate, to strive to make each and every neighborhood a safe place to call home.

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All COMBAT-funded agencies are required to participate in the STRiVIN' initiative.

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