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Amethyst Place, Inc.
Kimberly Davis
2732 Troost
Kansas City, MO 64109
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Phone: 816-231-8782
Link: Amethyst Place, Inc.
Independent, supportive housing to women in drug and alcohol recovery. Designed to promote sobriety and recovery, teach new life skills, instill effective parenting skills and prepare families for successful transitions to independent housing and interdependent living.
Benilde Hall
Kent Jewell
3220 E. 23rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64127
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Phone: 816-842-5836
Link: Benilde Hall
Substance abuse treatment for addicts, many with mental illness. Transitional living, individual & group counseling, mental health services, health assessments, employment counseling, independent living skills. Addresses past trauma, which may contribute to mental illness, substance abuse and drug-related and violent crime.
Children's Mercy Hospital
Oneta Templeton
2401 Gillham Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
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Phone: 816-960-8427
Link: TIES Program
Children's Mercy Hospital TIES program--identifies and supports pregnant and postpartum women and families affected by substance abuse
Comprehensive Mental Health Services - Living In Balance
Jenny Miller
10901 E Winner Road
Independence, MO 64052
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Phone: 816-254-3652
Link: Comprehensive Mental Health Services
Limited residential support with focus on increased outpatient services and length of treatment. Evidenced-based practices and services addressing mental health needs. Becoming a trauma-informed center.
Cornerstones of Care
Angela Gregory
421 E. 137th Street
Kansas City, MO 64145
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Phone: 816-508-3600
Link: Cornerstones of Care
Help children and families achieve health, happiness, confidence, competence and self-sufficiency. Services include assessments, individual and group therapy, group education, milieu therapy and community support. Evidence-based models.
Crittenton Children's Center - Adolescent Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program
Molly Pellettiere
10918 Elm Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64134
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Phone: 816-765-6600
Link: Crittenton Children's Center
Adolescent Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program for ages 12-20, facing problems associated with alcohol or drug use. Utilizes evidenced-based models.
DeLaSalle Education Center - Pupil's Recovery Over Using Drugs (PROUD)
Mark Williamson
3740 Forest
Kansas City, MO 64109
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Phone: 816-561-4445
Link: DeLaSalle Education Center
Funding Amount: $ 43,500 Treatment Summary: The DeLaSalle Education Center’s PROUD (Pupil’s Recovery Over Using Drugs) program is a substance abuse treatment program that provides recovery(outpatient) services to at least forty 9th through 12th grade students identified as being problem users of, or addicted to, illegal substances.
Dismas House of KC, Inc. - Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program
Sheriece Moses
301 E Armour Boulevard
Suite 201
Kansas City, MO 64111
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Phone: 816-531-6050
Link: Dismas House of KC, Inc.
Provides relapse substance abuse treatment services; participates in a Recovery Oriented Systems of Care with a combination of services including outpatient recovery support and intensive outpatient substance abuse services.
First Call - Motivational Enhancement (ME)
Keith Faison
9091 State Line
Kansas City, MO 64114
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Phone: 816-361-5900
Link: First Call
Motivational Enhancement (ME) First at Jackson County Detention Center and Regional Detention Center to those waiting to enter community-based treatment. Provides a seamless array of treatment services that initiate while client is incarcerated, then transitions once they leave jail, continuing to support and coach them. Goals: increased readiness to change while incarcerated, and reduced recidivism and relapse after release.
Guadalupe Centers, Inc. - Dia Por Dia Outpatient Treatment Program
Mercedes Mora
1015 Avenida Cesar E Chavez
Kansas City, MO 64108
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Phone: 816-421-1015
Link: Guadalupe Centers, Inc.
GCI is the longest continually operating US organization serving Latinos. Views substance abuse as a health crisis, with drug abuse as an illness that can be treated. Addresses stigma among Latino families by relaying in every opportunity that substance abuse is a mental health disorder. Offers accessible treatment and community resources for leading healthy drug-free lifestyle.
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