How Drug Dealers Target Our Kids

Without drug users, drug dealers would go out of business. Because they need there to be a demand for the illegal drugs they produce and traffic, dealers are continually looking to attract more "customers" - to get more people "hooked on their junk."

"And among drug dealers there are no qualms about target-marketing kids," says COMBAT Assistant Director of Operations Vince Ortega, a 30-year veteran of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. "They're trying to create the next generation of addicts - their new customers - by creating 'products' made to appeal specifically to children."
  1. Ecstasy "Cartoon" Pills

    Law enforcement officials across the nation are more and more frequently seizing Ecstasy pills obviously intended to grab a child's attention. The pills strongly resemble children's chewable vitamins.

  2. Marijuana Candy Factories

    In recent years, federal agents and other law officers have been seeking to shut down so-called "marijuana candy factories" that create "enhanced" snacks supposedly for medical marijuana users.

  3. Parenting Tips

    Find tips that parents can use to educate their children about drugs being made to appeal to kids.

  4. Strawberry Quick Methamphetamine

    Strawberry Quick is a new twist on an old drug, methamphetamine.